Child Custody

Do You Need A Seattle Child Custody Attorney?

When it becomes clear that you need to end your marriage or relationship with your partner, you need to set up a child custody situation that benefits the children, but also works well for both you and the children’s other parent. Having children add extra complexity to life, and in divorce situations that’s no different. This issue is often hotly contested and turns an otherwise amicable split into one that ends up before the judge.

The future of your children is at stake and you need an attorney who will advocate for you to have custody and raise them in the best living environment that you can provide. Kathryn Jenkins understands the complexities of divorce and works with each client to ensure that they’re being represented well and that the child’s best interested are kept in mind at all times.

How Your Seattle Child Custody Attorney Will Help You

Kathryn Jenkins works with both fathers and mothers who want legal custody of their children. She believes in the involvement of both parents and strives for parents to put the children first so that both parents have an active role in the child rearing responsibilities, even when one has primary custody. In some cases, joint custody is preferable and works well. Only in rare situations where the children would be in danger with their other parent is it advised to not have involvement with the other parent.

It’s difficult to raise children on a single income, so as part of the child custody, Kathryn Jenkins works to get you the right amount of child support so that you can continue to have a similar standard of living as before, and at the very least, live a comfortable life in which all of the children’s needs are taken care of.

Work With Kathryn Jenkins

With hundreds of child custody cases to her credit, Kathryn Jenkins is a strong family advocate who will look at your situation and help you figure out workable situations that keep the children at the forefront of the discussion. This is a challenging time emotionally, for both you and your children and Kathryn Jenkins will help you navigate this new, legal area with ease, compassion and professionalism every step of the way. Contact her office today to set up an initial consultation to discuss your situation.