Unlike fairytales, not all marriages end with “and they lived happily ever after.” There are numerous challenges that couples of the 21st century face and no one’s immune to them. When it becomes clear that you can’t struggle through them anymore and need to put a legal end to the partnership, you need an experienced divorce attorney who can help you get through the process as quickly and easily as possible.

No divorce is easy or fast, but you do want it to move along swiftly so that you can begin the new chapter of your life. Kathryn Jenkins understands this and aims to make it as hands off as possible so that you can focus on healing, keeping your life on a routine and helping the kids work through all the emotions they’re having and changes that are occurring.


In the past this has been called alimony or spousal support, and is usually granted in cases where the marriage spanned many years and one partner was not employed, often taking the role of a stay at home parent and managing all aspects of the household. In cases where you’re eligible for maintenance, you want to get as much as you’re entitled to so that you can start your own savings for your future living and retirement needs.

Child Support

Going from a two income family to one, or one income to none, is challenging. If you get custody of the children, you will need your partner to pay child support so that you can provide them with a similar standard of living. Kathryn Jenkins aims to get you as much as possible so that your ex is providing for the children financially. In cases where the partner stops paying child support, you can take action to get their paycheck garnished so that you’re not suffering because of their poor decisions.


There’s usually a debate about property when couples go through a divorce. Usually the things you brought into the marriage are yours to keep, and any joint purchases are split equitably. In cases of home ownership, there’s always the question of who gets the house. When kids are involved, parents want to keep them in the house for the sake of not changing everything, but many times it’s too much financial pressure. Consider all aspects of the matter before making decisions that will also affect your finances.

Work With Kathryn Jenkins

No matter whether you’re considering filing for divorce or the papers are already in your hands, you need a strong advocate for your rights as a partner and, in many cases, a parent. Kathryn Jenkins will help you negotiate with your partner to create amicable solutions but she isn’t afraid to go to court when necessary. Contact her today to learn more!