Domestic Violence

Seattle Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence takes several forms, it’s not just one person being abused by another in a domestic situation. It is manifested in abusive behaviors that occur in many ways including physical, sexual or psychological abuse, or a combination of any of them. It’s perpetrated by a family member, typically a current for former spouse but may also include ex-partners, sibling, parents and extended family members and even caregivers like caregivers.

Harmful Effects of Domestic Violence

No good can ever come from domestic violence except for when you finally get out of the situation. Unfortunately the violence hurts a person’s ability to think clearly and act rationally. They aren’t able to get away as early as they should, they worry about the children that are involved (if any) and the other matters of their life including work and social obligations. Children who are involved, even if they are not being abused, need to be taken out of the situation as it can impair their future development and affect them negatively for their whole life. Their attitudes, social skills and emotional well being is seriously impacted.

No person should ever have to suffer harm that’s personally done by another. You need an experienced attorney who will fight aggressively for your rights as a fellow human. Kathryn Jenkins is that person. She’s passionate about all matters related to family law and, while compassionate and caring towards clients, she’s not afraid to show her skills in court as she defends your rights.

In many circumstances a protective order or restraining order needs to be obtained so that a safe distance can be maintained between you and the abusive person in your life. Kathryn Jenkins can help you file the necessary paperwork that’s needed to report an incident of domestic violence. She’ll establish the paper trail and help you every step of the way to getting a temporary or permanent protective order or restraining order.

Let Kathryn Jenkins Represent You

Don’t suffer in silence anymore; no one deserves to be treated violently. When you need help, Kathryn Jenkins can help you find a way to get away from the abusive people in your life. Contact her today to schedule an appointment so she can learn about your situation and figure out a way to best help you.