Family Law for Unmarried Couples

As more people choose to forgo traditional marriages in favor of cohabiting, both opposite sex partners and same sex couples, there are added layers of complexity when problems arise and the couple decides to end their relationship. Kathryn Jenkins is pleased to be able to represent unmarried couples and help them through the challenges they face in legal family matters.

Property Division Between Unmarried Couples

All unmarried couples in Washington enjoy many of the same rights and responsibilities as a married couple when in a long term relationship. The term “committed intimate relationship” is the legal term used for couples who choose to cohabitate with their partner. When the relationship dissolves their joint possessions are treated as community property and subject to the state’s community property laws. Joint debts may also follow this, with both partners being expected to take responsibility for a portion of the debt that was accumulated during their time together.

Unmarried Couples with Children

Couples with children, regardless of their marital status, are treated the same under the law. The court realizes that both parents play a key role in the children’s life whether or not the parents are legally married. Kathryn Jenkins will help you and your partner create a parenting plan and custody arrangement that is beneficial to the children and both parents. Negotiation is preferred but when necessary, such as in cases where it’s not in the child’s best interest to live with the other parent, the case can go to the judge to be settled.

Kathryn Jenkins will help custodial parents get child support to which they’re entitled so that the children can be well provided for even when their now single parent is trying to raise them on one income instead of two.

We can also create and amend documents that pertain to family life of unmarried couples, including wills and estate plans so that each partners wishes are carried out, whether or not they have similar wishes or not.

Work With Kathryn Jenkins

Kathryn Jenkins is committed to protecting your rights as an unmarried person and helping you settle issues relating to raising your children and dividing joint assets. She’s handled numerous cases involving unmarried couples and does all that she can to resolve your family issues and to prepare your for an emotionally and financially stable future. And of course, if unmarried couples do decide to marry, she can provide counsel and assistance that pertains to the situation as well. Contact her office today to set up an appointment to discuss your family law issues.