Wills and Estates

Create Your Will and Estate Plan With A Trusted Seattle Attorney

No one likes to talk about the future when it doesn’t include them, which is why far too many people pass on without wills and estate plans. In the best case scenario, this leaves family members unsure of what they should do for the funeral and whether or not to sell the home, and in the worst case it tears families apart as siblings, grandkids and distant heirs squabble over possessions. The few hours of uncomfortable feelings that you have as you tackle planning a will and estate will make your heirs extremely grateful to you when they find it easy to carry out your final wishes because you’ve taken the time to spell out exactly what you want done.

Wills are a document that thoroughly outlines what you want done with your assets after your death, how you want your funeral and burial handled and how your children should be raised, if they are still minors. This document needs to be updated periodically, and especially after major life changes like marriage, the birth of children, divorce and the death of your spouse.

Estate plans are needed to give directives like power of attorney and end-of-life care issues that you want to have a say in while you’re still able to make these decisions. You can also set up trusts and give directions about how minor children are to be cared for and how life insurance proceeds should be spent.

Why Should You Work With Kathryn Jenkins?

As a major part of her practice, Kathryn Jenkins works with individuals and couples of all ages to ensure that their wishes are carried out when they’re no longer able to do it themselves. She tactfully and carefully walks you through the process, asking you relevant questions that will guide you to create complete documents that will be helpful in the future.

Creating these documents will save countless hours and tears for your loved ones when they need these documents. Consider it one of the ultimate acts of love for them to face uncertainties and lay out a plan for the future. You can always go back and make changes at a later date if you decide that you don’t want your substance abusing grandchild to receive an inheritance.

Let Kathryn Jenkins help you create your will and estate plan by calling her office to schedule an appointment today!